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The Taiwanese manufacturer frequently comes out through design and technical solutions adopted on the notebooks of this series, but occasionally gives users more affordable models, with some compromises to ensure a competitive price. This recipe is taken for Asus G551JM, a laptop with a diagonal of 15.6 " which preserves a large part of ROG's characteristic design, but relies on a mid-level video card to be sold at a better price.
G551JM version is equipped with Intel Core i7-4710HQ, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860m VRAM 4 GB and 256 GB SSD for data storage.
The basic model provides only a dual-core processor and a weaker version of Nvidia GTX 860m graphics chip.
In the light of hardware configuration, the laptop running fluent in daily activities but also in more difficult tasks. The system runs smoothly inclusive 4K content and software programs such as Adobe Photoshop / Premiere or Eclipse.
Obviously, the games are a main target of this laptop, and most of them running well in FullHD resolutions and Very High / Ultimate details. Some recent titles require but a decrease of claims in terms of details, because Nvidia GeForce GTX860M is not the strongest in the segment.
The good news is, when you accept to go down the level of detail in certain securities, the games experience is very enjoyable. The reason is related to the settings adopted by Asus, which allow the hardware platform to reach higher temperatures, unlike the situations encountered on other Asus notebooks.
The RAM memory and storage unit can be changed easily, because is easy to access the internal components. There are two slots for the RAM memory, the maximum capacity allowed is 16GB RAM, while the possibility of changing the 256 GB SSD with a more capacious may be a way forward.
In terms of software, Asus G551JM is running the Windows 8.1 operating system and includes a number of custom applications, more or less useful, as Audio Wizard, Splendid Utility, McAfee Antivirus or a trial version for Office.
Gaming experience is complemented by sound system consisting of two speakers located at the top of the keyboard. They offer quality sound, clear and strong, but without bass. In any case, most users will probably prefer to rely on the a pair of headphones, especially for games and multimedia applications.
Wi-Fi connection run without problems near the router, but also and when between the two components are a distance about 10 meters and three walls.
The heat is discharged via the fan located on the left, so we recommend that the area concerned should not have heat sensitive objects. The fan runs constantly.
As an alternative, you have N551JK (another design, cheaper, weaker graphic chips, embedded subwoofer), or G771 (similar, but with 17 inch screen and various storage options) Asus models, and among the competitors notice Lenovo or Acer's Aspire Y50 VN7.

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