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10 iOS updates that make your life easier

10 iOS updates that make your life easier

Last night was released iOS 10 and I have already presented the list of updates iOS in October, Apple announced nearly 200 changes made to its operating system. We're talking of course about changes large and small, which forces us to learn new ways to use our sites iDevice, but this is still good for us as we discover new ways to enjoy terminals. From the long list of updates iOS 10 today will talk about 30 of them, which can completely change the way you look terminals.

Of course not all of them are extremely important for everyone, but most bring improvements to the way we use terminals in everyday life. Using iOS since June 10, I can say that I like it more than iOS in September and I would not want me coming back to it, than if you ordered some reason or another. In this idea, I recommend with great warmth to install iOS 10 in your terminals, as even you do not have to lose from this update, even on the performance.

 That said, here are 30 of the 10 updates iOS Need to Know: Possibility to change the way we unlock the iDevice's. The option to quickly erase all notices with 3D Touch and a handshake on the delete button in the Notifications Center. Function to adjust the intensity emitted by the world with 3D LED flash Touch the Control Center. The ability to use the magnifying glass 10 including iOS Camera app. Pinch-to-zoom function on stickers to make them larger or smaller. The option to use stickers to replace emoji, including images. Separate sorting of images attachments Messages application. The ability to manage individual reading confirmations for our contacts. The option to save images in low quality Messages application. Siri suggestions for correcting misunderstood words. The possibility of making Selfies with Siri. Use Siri to find out where we parked the car, if I saved location in Maps. The option to customize routes for Maps.

The option to quickly share our location via the Touch 3D Maps application icon, or by clicking on the icon strong localization. The option to sort the inbox mailbox. The option to see the full conversation in a discussion via email. The option to unsubscribe from our newsletter. The option to close all rab sites quickly by pressing and holding the button Safari Pages. The option to delete data stored separately for each website separately. Support for saving pictures in RAW format. The ability to mark pictures. Recommendations for playlists made by Apple Music. The option to view lyrics heard.

 The option to optimize the storage space occupied by our music. The option to be notified when to go and stay up through the Clock application. The option to choose different settings for different keyboards or peripherals. The ability to use two different browsers Safari same screen. The option to prioritize applications with 3D Touch downloads. The function of hiding the native applications. Ability to open an unlimited number of pages in Safari.

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