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Place around the globe where people can survive the Apocalypse.

Place around the globe where people can survive the Apocalypse.

Have you wondered where you can shelter in case the coming the end of the world? In the next article we will do a top of safest places on Earth where you can shelter in case the coming Apocalypse. Despite the fact that all regions are different, have one thing in common: humanity can provide shelter in case the coming the end of the world.

Iceland is the most isolated country in Europe located hundreds of kilometers from the nearest island. This deters potential invaders. It is very rich in rousources necessary to maintain human life. His entire energy is driven by geothermal energy coming from many active volcanoes on its own territory. Also, all waters around represent the richest source of seafood in the world. If you need to survuve on the island, food, heat and all you need you can find there.

2. Tristan da Cunha.
In South Atlantic is found Tristan da Cunha, an archipelago farthest inhabited, at over 2 000 kilometers far from land. The population of the island is nearing 300 inhabitans.

3. Guam
Guam is located in the Pacific Ocean. Guam hosts a good part of the US military, the army only good to protect residents in case of Russo – Turkish arrive at a delicate level that can unleash World War III. This small teritory has a very rich economy, revenues come from tourism and from the US government.
4. Chiang Mai.
Considering that the South – East Asia has been for decades the center of challenges, such as wars, drugs, massacres, etc., Chiang Mai remained a symbol of peace, a peaceful area near Thailand. This important show that the city can overcome any encroaching humanity as peace. In this small village offers manu possibilities of farming, suggesting a good home in case of disaster.

5. Denver.
Denver is close to important petroleum reserves, is crucial to humanity, namely fuel. In case of war, this city is best protected city in America, being a mile above sea levels and is surrounded by mountains. The altitude of this city makes it the best place to live in the event of global warming. Also, altitude this could be an advantage beyond what concercns surrounding lands, making them fertile.

6. Antarctica.
Antarctica is one of the most hostile places on Earth, forming a territory you are looking for shelter in the event Apocalypse. If someone manages to get there and manages to bring enough supplies to survive extremely cold winted, summer an back to normal. Summer can stand expeditions to hunt and thus can survive. After the war there can not be any in the southernmost region of the Earth. One of the biggest drawbacks occur with global warming. Ice can melt and thus cause rising sea levels, which is very dangerous for humans.

7. Puncak Jaya.
Puncak Jaya is a mountainous region in Indonesia. This region is not the most hospitable place where you can sped your life, but ranking seeks to survive regardless of conditions. Apparently, the largest mine in the world is just in Puncak Jaya. Local residents could work in full and become merchants. Besides largest gold mine in the world, the region host the thirs largest copper mine in the world.

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