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Smartwatch and Pokemon go

Hours are intelligent devices that can be connected to smartphones to get quick access to important information and extend their functionality. After sales increases for smartphones and tablets have started to moderate, major electronics manufacturers have identified a new series of products to advocate strongly for users: smart watches. Known rather as SmartWatch sites, there are smart watches on the market for several years, but only recently have begun to have a software package more attractive and be developed by a relatively wide range of leading manufacturers. In part, this promotion of a new range of products was done and due to increased use for fitness apps that you can evaluate performance in the exercise as a watch is easier to verify than to remove the smartphone in your pocket. For the moment, smart watches are not up to the complexity of smartphones, and here we mainly refer to software functions. One of the best examples of this is the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch, whose first version software have numerous loopholes. But gradually things will change in the coming period, especially intuited that Google smart watches and created Android Wear, an operating system designed specifically for such devices. In turn, those from Apple more time working on a smart watch iWatch will use iOS operating system. Android Wear - Android smart watches Smartwatch sites are basically running Android Wear tightly connected to the smartphone in your pocket, aiming to simplify certain aspects of daily use of the phone. Basically, a smart watch with Android on the screen allows you to view text messages, emails, notifications of various applications or real-time information about the weather. For example, the SmartWatch Poto read incoming messages in real time on the social network WhatsApp. Most times you will want to answer one way or another to such messages, but this is difficult because of the small screen on SmartWatch. The solution is to use the Android Wear activated by voice command syntax Ok Google, and in this way you can dictate answers. Another advantage is obviously fitness apps. For starters, Android Wear is able to measure your steps through a pedometer and smart desktop clock you can see on the map by Google Maps position, even if low diagonal display might create some problems. One of the first fitness app is tailored for smart watches Runtastic, which allows you to see the screen distance, time and number of calories burned, but also to pause or stop its activity with a single tap. Smart watches with the Android Wear and Tizen Market have already begun to experience a series of watches intelligent operating system Android Wear and internationally, and other models have been announced. In addition, Samsung launched the SmartWatch sites with its own operating system called Tizen. Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit is a smart watch with basic features, with a rectangular screen that gives you quick access to calls and other notifications, but it is especially dedicated to active people who do sports. Besides the classic accelerometer, gyroscope and sensor benefit and to measure heart rate. LG G Watch LG has become one of Google's most important partners, and this has allowed South Koreans to significantly increase brand awareness, especially through LG G2 smartphone. Therefore, it is no surprise that the first Android Wear smart watch is available with LG G Watch, which features a permanently lit screen with a diagonal of 1.65 "and resolution 128 × 128 pixels. LG G Watch is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 common hardware platform and mid-level smartphones, plus 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. We know that G Watch weighs 61 grams, is waterproof and uses a rechargeable Li-Ion 400mAh which provides a range of up to 36 hours. Basically, the charge will be about the same as a smartphone, an important element while the Galaxy Gear, for example, not only withstand about 10 hours. Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is a SmartWatch using Tizen OS, but promises to be a close functionality as those based on Android Wear. It comes with a screen diagonal of 1.63 "and resolution 320 × 320 pixels, while the hardware platform is provided by a dual-core 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. The clock operates on the basis of 300 mAh battery that provides a range of about one day, while the weight reaches 68 g. Apple Watch From now you can go play pokemon using clock. When you require using gps system it works with pokemon application so that it will vibrate when you find a pokemon. You may use and application pokemon go cheats ios to catch more Pokemon. Apple released a SmartWatch you chose to call simple Watch. Apple developed the intelligent clock is square and has housings 38 mm or 42 mm which will be available in three versions: Watch Edition Watch's screen is made of sapphire, a material highly resistant to scratches, is touchscreen and will be lit continuously, but is activated only when movement wrist. So you can interact with the clock touchscreen that can determine the push to make the difference between a simple tap and long press and swipe gestures allow. The home screen is dominated by numerous applications represented by circles, and one of the big surprises is that you can use the wheel on the right side of the watch, christened the Apple Digital Crown, to zoom-in and zoom-out both on the homescreen, as and within applications. Obviously Watch allows you to receive notifications from the iPhone and has integrated Siri and Pay services, but can also be used for fitness as GPS takes the data from the smartphone. In addition, you can have talks with friends directly through the clock after you access a list of favorite contacts. Conclusion Smart watches segment is just beginning and after appearance of the first Android Wear copies in stores, it will take some time until the number and quality of applications will be enough. The success of these devices is still uncertain, primarily because of high prices for producers required for a device whose usefulness is, for now at least, questionable, particularly that require the use of a smartphone with the latest version of Android.