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How To Use New Snapchat Update

I think Snapchat appeared somewhat naturally from the way the world has changed and now mainly uses the generation that Snapchat, ie children under 18, who are major users, they learned to communicate and like to communicate with each other. Somehow I think it is inevitable Snapchat. I think the number of users that Snapchat has in Europe will undoubtedly increase, but the platform will not reach popularity in no way similar to Facebook or YouTube simply because it has a much more limited. On Snapchat you can send messages to your friends or strangers ephemeral while Facebook has become a global hub for every aspect of your life online. From news to friends in pictures, applications, games, events. Another social network that has grown very quickly in recent years is Twitter. The number of users in Europe are not comparable, however, to that of Facebook's or Linkedin. Herman, social media consultant: "Twitter's not trapped in poor countries as well as elsewhere. Once amid the rapid development of Facebook. Twitter is a communication tool in motion. We are only recently began to have more and more smartphones. There are many celebrities in Romania on Twitter. Our politicians are active on Twitter just before the elections. " Almost 80% of the world's children, aged between 7 and 18 years old use the Internet daily. 95% of them already have an account on at least one social network. According to experts, the advantages of online platforms can be, however, far outweigh the disadvantages. The United States is already talking about a new social network of the future - one where users can see a virtual reality. Herman, social media consultant: "I think there is a plus in favor of social networks. The only negative mention as excessive use. Both. If you do not sit all day on Facebook, I think social networks can make our life easier. There are cases where certain pages are created thematic groups where children can communicate. Social networks while developing certain skills. Children can learn to read faster, become more creative. I think in a controlled environment a child can communicate with family, friends or distant relatives via social networks. As long as the public is not exposed, and this is done by adults. " This social media consultant spoke app Snapchat Hack is very fun when it comes to friends surprised. This allows the operation of a large number of emoticons that can send great friends. It is very good application because it does not delete messages after you have talked with friends. Guide you to try and test it.