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how to track a phone

Technology still has not managed to get into the head of a teenager, a dream that has any father who prepares, but at least already allows adults track and block to distance their children phone to put some order in your feral digital life, and "give back control to who pays the Bill and the terminal" exposes Cristian Villamarín, Creator from the Flipd, an app phone locks. South Korea has control of the phones and teens become law and has determined that children under age 19 who purchase a mobile are obliged to install an app that monitor your activity on the Internet. A failure or a "forgotten" in the installation of such a system of surveillance is that the newly purchased device does not work. In addition to the dozen surveillance apps available on the market, the Korean Government has hers called in a very graphic way, Smart Sheriff. At the entrance of the phone retailer of everything the country have been placed since June posters that warn: "younger smart phone users should install applications that block harmful content for them". A sign in the phone retailer of South Korea warns of the obligation to install an 'app' on phones for teens. / AP In Western countries, Governments have not intervened in the war of the fathers with their adolescent children by the use of mobile. But in at least two cases have been parents, and more specifically the mothers, who have given the punch at the table. They were desperate, but not so much as to throw in the towel. Sharon Standifird is one of them. He created the app Ignore no more after checking that your teen not replied to your messages and your calls simply because he didn't. Before had gone through the ordeal of imagine that he had had an accident or that they had stolen the phone, but when he discovered that his son would rather use your mobile to play, talk with friends, surf the Internet or anything else except communicate with it, decided to take action in the matter. This mother is a veteran of the Gulf war and has climbed Kilimanjaro. In general, think that few things are can resist him in this world, so we literally searched Google how to design an app for lock, and with no prior experience created an application that allows parents to control absolutely the phone for their children from a distance. "If the boy repeatedly ignores the messages and calls of their parents, simply is locked the phone with a code, and you can only make emergency calls, nothing more. The only way to unlock it will be call back to their parents,"says Sharon. Proof that the app works is that Sharon assures that his son now always answer your calls, or at least makes it more frequently than before. When you enter on our website, you will find a section called GPS No Tracker and after you click on it, you will be redirected on our download page. There you will find out the Download button. Click on them and wait for your Download. After that, you can install gps no tracker. The app is compatible with any type of devices, so this will download and install according to your device system and operating system. If your device have GPS receiver, you can use GPS Mobile Tracker without issues. GPS No Tracker do not take up so much hoarding space. If you use it on smartphone you must to know, this application do not consume much battery. In an unexpected turn of events adults have finished using apps from control of their children to block between them which, all told, too, have lost control of their digital lives. The Flipd app, created in the beginning so that adults blocked the phone for their children while driving, is a good example of this mutation. It started to become popular among students of Medicine of Toronto to lock your phone to study, at least one hour followed. He has Cristian Villamarín, one of the founders from the Flipd, which made a market research and 70% of the students confessed that he could not spend more than two hours without checking his phone. This at exam time could be a problem. If in the beginning the maximum blocking time that provided Flipd was eight hours at the request of users, you had to climb to 12. "It surprised me that adults will need long withdrawal of mobile".