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Useful Clash of Clans Game Strategies

Useful Clash of Clans Game Strategies Success in the Clash of Clans game is mainly dependent how well and efficiently you can accumulate resources and defend the same from enemy raiders. The game focuses on the accumulation of resources from successfully completing various tasks, and then using the earned resources to develop both defenses and armies. Master ways to do this without exposing your bases to unnecessary attacks, and you get a chance to grow the base quietly and subsequently dominate other players. However, these tasks are not as simple as it sounds. Below we will look at some simple strategies of accumulating resources and safeguarding them. Safeguarding Mined Resources clash of clans hack To accumulate resources within the game, players are required to mine their plot of land. These resources are then transferred to storage units for safe keeping before the base chief decides to use them in developing their base. It is important to note that different resources have different levels of vulnerability depending on their location during a raid. Generally, it is best to keep storing resources as soon as they are mined since storage unit are usually heavily guarded and offer the best chance of safe keeping. While in storage, raiders can only access part of the stored resources as there is a cap placed on how much can be stolen from storage units during every raid but not in collection units. Raiding Abandoned Bases for Resources When looking to accumulate resources, it is important to raid different villages/bases for their accumulated resources. This however brings in the risk of revenge attacks. However, because many players over the years may have given up playing, their bases are ripe targets for low-risk raids. There are a variety of ways to determine whether a base has been active or not as listed below. Builders First and foremost, the Clash of Clans game is all about developing/upgrading bases. This means that most of the time builders will be working on something. This leads to the assumption that any base where all builders are asleep has been abandoned by the chief. Look for the zzz signs on the builders’ huts to know whether they are asleep. Gold Mines Gold is one of the precious resources in the game. When looking to raid bases, inspecting the gold mine not only gives you an idea of the activity of the base as well as the amount of gold available. Gold mines have a collection bin to the left. The fullness of this collection bin gives you an idea of the richness of the mine. It is also worth noting that since gold mines take long to fill up, any mines with full bins of uncollected gold represent inactive bases. Tomb Stones These markers indicate that the village has already been raided and may even contain traps. This should tell you, which bases to stay away from. It is however possible that some base chiefs leave them as tricks to keep other players away.