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BUSINESS LINE MOBILITY Given that in 2010 there were 5 billion mobile apps downloaded worldwide (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.), and as expected, in 2013, the number will reach 21 billion, we can not overlook the media mobile. They have become marketing tools closest to the users / consumers and is expected extension of information systems. For this reason, it is important to worry about ergonomics and design your application to avoid creating a negative image of your brand, potentially remove users from the very first connection. Mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc.) have smaller screens than the computers / laptops and încorporeza new features that encourage their use by consumers (camera, GPS, acceloremetru, touch screen, etc.). Mobile internet users today to communicate, use, work and play anywhere, anytime and on any removable media (such as smartphones and tablet iPad). Advantages of developing a mobile application. Have you thought about the benefits that it can bring a project to develop a mobile application? Promote your brand to provide a unique experience for your users to complement your brand image, to communicate the latest news, to loyalty. Extension SI (systems) to allow your employees to access using only mobile support: Assist your sales team commercial (product catalogs, quick estimate, client plug etc.), key figures for company management (dashboard) monitoring interventions (GPS, notification, etc.), monitoring manufacturing defects (shooting, GPS), etc. Develop your web site: a mobile website requires a specific design ergonomics and can be viewed on mobile devices and for the user to want to return. Implement your ideas "mobile" if you have a revolutionary vision for the use of mobile applications, please contact us for achievement and transform it into a concrete mobile application. TYPES OF MOBILE APPLICATIONS What type of project you choose to develop mobile applications? Depending on your goals, you can choose between the following types of project for development of mobile applications: mobile application, mobile website and web application: Native Mobile Application is developed especially for mobile carriers and is not only through the online shop operating system chosen (iOS, Android, Windows 8). This allows access / use in the free internet connection, with the ability to use all the features of the platform. Multiplatform mobile app (PhoneGap, Titanium, Rhomobile, Qt, etc.) is developed on a common basis, and was later adapted to be easily accessible destination operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows 8). This allows access / use in the free internet connection, but having fewer features than a native mobile application. is a website optimized for mobile carriers and can be accessed via web browser operating system of choice (iOS, Android, Windows 8, etc.) It is only accessible in online mode. The web application is a website with improved ergonomics adapted to compete with mobile applications. It is accessible directly from the operating system (without using internet browser) but requires internet connection. Proprietary mobile application is designed for specific equipment such as payment terminals, smart scanners or other equipment specific to your business.