Smartwatch and Pokemon go

Hours are intelligent devices that can be connected to smartphones to get quick access to important information and extend their functionality.
After sales increases for smartphones and tablets have started to moderate, major electronics manufacturers have identified a new series of products to advocate strongly for users: smart watches.
Known rather as SmartWatch sites, there are smart watches on the market for several years, but only recently have begun to have a software package more attractive and be developed by a relatively wide range of leading manufacturers.
In part, this promotion of a new range of products was done and due to increased use for fitness apps that you can evaluate performance in the exercise as a watch is easier to verify than to remove the smartphone in your pocket.

For the moment, smart watches are not up to the complexity of smartphones, and here we mainly refer to software functions. One of the best examples of this is the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch, whose first version software have numerous loopholes.
But gradually things will change in the coming period, especially intuited that Google smart watches and created Android Wear, an operating system designed specifically for such devices. In turn, those from Apple more time working on a smart watch iWatch will use iOS operating system.

Android Wear - Android smart watches
Smartwatch sites are basically running Android Wear tightly connected to the smartphone in your pocket, aiming to simplify certain aspects of daily use of the phone.
Basically, a smart watch with Android on the screen allows you to view text messages, emails, notifications of various applications or real-time information about the weather. For example, the SmartWatch Poto read incoming messages in real time on the social network WhatsApp.

Most times you will want to answer one way or another to such messages, but this is difficult because of the small screen on SmartWatch. The solution is to use the Android Wear activated by voice command syntax Ok Google, and in this way you can dictate answers.

Another advantage is obviously fitness apps. For starters, Android Wear is able to measure your steps through a pedometer and smart desktop clock you can see on the map by Google Maps position, even if low diagonal display might create some problems. One of the first fitness app is tailored for smart watches Runtastic, which allows you to see the screen distance, time and number of calories burned, but also to pause or stop its activity with a single tap.

Smart watches with the Android Wear and Tizen
Market have already begun to experience a series of watches intelligent operating system Android Wear and internationally, and other models have been announced. In addition, Samsung launched the SmartWatch sites with its own operating system called Tizen.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit is a smart watch with basic features, with a rectangular screen that gives you quick access to calls and other notifications, but it is especially dedicated to active people who do sports. Besides the classic accelerometer, gyroscope and sensor benefit and to measure heart rate.
LG G Watch
LG has become one of Google's most important partners, and this has allowed South Koreans to significantly increase brand awareness, especially through LG G2 smartphone.
Therefore, it is no surprise that the first Android Wear smart watch is available with LG G Watch, which features a permanently lit screen with a diagonal of 1.65 "and resolution 128 × 128 pixels.
LG G Watch is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 common hardware platform and mid-level smartphones, plus 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. We know that G Watch weighs 61 grams, is waterproof and uses a rechargeable Li-Ion 400mAh which provides a range of up to 36 hours. Basically, the charge will be about the same as a smartphone, an important element while the Galaxy Gear, for example, not only withstand about 10 hours.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is a SmartWatch using Tizen OS, but promises to be a close functionality as those based on Android Wear.
It comes with a screen diagonal of 1.63 "and resolution 320 × 320 pixels, while the hardware platform is provided by a dual-core 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. The clock operates on the basis of 300 mAh battery that provides a range of about one day, while the weight reaches 68 g.

Apple Watch
From now you can go play pokemon using clock. When you require using gps system it works with pokemon application so that it will vibrate when you find a pokemon. You may use and application pokemon go cheats ios to catch more Pokemon.

Apple released a SmartWatch you chose to call simple Watch. Apple developed the intelligent clock is square and has housings 38 mm or 42 mm which will be available in three versions:

Watch Edition
Watch's screen is made of sapphire, a material highly resistant to scratches, is touchscreen and will be lit continuously, but is activated only when movement wrist.
So you can interact with the clock touchscreen that can determine the push to make the difference between a simple tap and long press and swipe gestures allow. The home screen is dominated by numerous applications represented by circles, and one of the big surprises is that you can use the wheel on the right side of the watch, christened the Apple Digital Crown, to zoom-in and zoom-out both on the homescreen, as and within applications.

Obviously Watch allows you to receive notifications from the iPhone and has integrated Siri and Pay services, but can also be used for fitness as GPS takes the data from the smartphone. In addition, you can have talks with friends directly through the clock after you access a list of favorite contacts.

Smart watches segment is just beginning and after appearance of the first Android Wear copies in stores, it will take some time until the number and quality of applications will be enough.
The success of these devices is still uncertain, primarily because of high prices for producers required for a device whose usefulness is, for now at least, questionable, particularly that require the use of a smartphone with the latest version of Android.

10 iOS updates that make your life easier

Last night was released iOS 10 and I have already presented the list of updates iOS in October, Apple announced nearly 200 changes made to its operating system. We're talking of course about changes large and small, which forces us to learn new ways to use our sites iDevice, but this is still good for us as we discover new ways to enjoy terminals. From the long list of updates iOS 10 today will talk about 30 of them, which can completely change the way you look terminals.

Of course not all of them are extremely important for everyone, but most bring improvements to the way we use terminals in everyday life. Using iOS since June 10, I can say that I like it more than iOS in September and I would not want me coming back to it, than if you ordered some reason or another. In this idea, I recommend with great warmth to install iOS 10 in your terminals, as even you do not have to lose from this update, even on the performance.

 That said, here are 30 of the 10 updates iOS Need to Know: Possibility to change the way we unlock the iDevice's. The option to quickly erase all notices with 3D Touch and a handshake on the delete button in the Notifications Center. Function to adjust the intensity emitted by the world with 3D LED flash Touch the Control Center. The ability to use the magnifying glass 10 including iOS Camera app. Pinch-to-zoom function on stickers to make them larger or smaller. The option to use stickers to replace emoji, including images. Separate sorting of images attachments Messages application. The ability to manage individual reading confirmations for our contacts. The option to save images in low quality Messages application. Siri suggestions for correcting misunderstood words. The possibility of making Selfies with Siri. Use Siri to find out where we parked the car, if I saved location in Maps. The option to customize routes for Maps.

The option to quickly share our location via the Touch 3D Maps application icon, or by clicking on the icon strong localization. The option to sort the inbox mailbox. The option to see the full conversation in a discussion via email. The option to unsubscribe from our newsletter. The option to close all rab sites quickly by pressing and holding the button Safari Pages. The option to delete data stored separately for each website separately. Support for saving pictures in RAW format. The ability to mark pictures. Recommendations for playlists made by Apple Music. The option to view lyrics heard.

 The option to optimize the storage space occupied by our music. The option to be notified when to go and stay up through the Clock application. The option to choose different settings for different keyboards or peripherals. The ability to use two different browsers Safari same screen. The option to prioritize applications with 3D Touch downloads. The function of hiding the native applications. Ability to open an unlimited number of pages in Safari.

How To Use New Snapchat Update

I think Snapchat appeared somewhat naturally from the way the world has changed and now mainly uses the generation that Snapchat, ie children under 18, who are major users, they learned to communicate and like to communicate with each other. Somehow I think it is inevitable Snapchat. I think the number of users that Snapchat has in Europe will undoubtedly increase, but the platform will not reach popularity in no way similar to Facebook or YouTube simply because it has a much more limited. On Snapchat you can send messages to your friends or strangers ephemeral while Facebook has become a global hub for every aspect of your life online. From news to friends in pictures, applications, games, events.

Another social network that has grown very quickly in recent years is Twitter. The number of users in Europe are not comparable, however, to that of Facebook's or Linkedin.
Herman, social media consultant: "Twitter's not trapped in poor countries as well as elsewhere. Once amid the rapid development of Facebook. Twitter is a communication tool in motion. We are only recently began to have more and more smartphones. There are many celebrities in Romania on Twitter. Our politicians are active on Twitter just before the elections. "

Almost 80% of the world's children, aged between 7 and 18 years old use the Internet daily. 95% of them already have an account on at least one social network.
According to experts, the advantages of online platforms can be, however, far outweigh the disadvantages. The United States is already talking about a new social network of the future - one where users can see a virtual reality.

Herman, social media consultant: "I think there is a plus in favor of social networks. The only negative mention as excessive use. Both. If you do not sit all day on Facebook, I think social networks can make our life easier. There are cases where certain pages are created thematic groups where children can communicate. Social networks while developing certain skills. Children can learn to read faster, become more creative. I think in a controlled environment a child can communicate with family, friends or distant relatives via social networks. As long as the public is not exposed, and this is done by adults. "

This social media consultant spoke app Snapchat Hack
is very fun when it comes to friends surprised. This allows the operation of a large number of emoticons that can send great friends. It is very good application because it does not delete messages after you have talked with friends. Guide you to try and test it.

Human Development Technologies

The safest way is of course total avoidance of these invisible radiation. But realistically, we can not give up civilization to modern technological benefits and supplemental pay a price for that is our health. Between the two extremes we recommend moderation and wherever possible reduce to a minimum using the telephone or any type of exposure to EM radiation. These are passive measures pertaining to individual responsibility.

An active measure that will help to counteract most of these harmful effects is VITAL PROTECT. The principle upon which this device works is simple: there is a resonance frequency that we branseaza energies and revitalizing the Earth binefactoare called Schumann (after that spoke first about it, Otto Weber Schumann). Scientists said that this resonance frequency rate oscillator is the Earth's magnetic field. Experiments have shown that if in the immediate vicinity of a human being (for example) there is a Schumann frequency generator, the brain becomes immune to harmful radiations from the environment. Conversely, frequent disruption in the body that lead to disease shortly. NASA studies have confirmed these experiences so that now use such devices cosmonauts and space for protection and restoration of vitality. VITAL PROTECT creates a protective shield a radius of 2 meters around it.

VITAL PROTECT why it works and what are the most important benefits?

It is a device structure by combining radiating spirals made of precious metals and a network of crystals. This structure generates a vortex which balances the energies of the spine and ensure continuous purification field being subtle. Her very presence near a topic produces a balance of vital energies and thus become resistant to the harmful influences radiant.

You need protection both during the day and at night - either as workers or as sleep. It is very important that you return in what you do and just as important to rest deeply. Therefore, it is really necessary to make use of a practical device that it can take anywhere with you, do not occupy much space and be easy. Can you VITAL PROTECT attached to the strap in jacket pocket or purse near you.

Remember that connects to Protect Vital vital energies of Earth and integrating it balances out your being in harmony with the universe ZERO effort on your part. This was a strong connection to the vital force of life on Earth.

For more information or to purchase this device gives you click on this link: PROTECT VITAL

alchemy BRAIN

Reconfigures your brain and be brilliant in 3-6 weeks!
Get rid of stress in just 10 minutes!
Rediscover balance and joy of living
Keep your keen mind regardless of age
Discover how you can change your brain waves effortlessly within minutes of deep relaxation and stress even meditation for better health, regenerative deep sleep and peak performance!

What is MIND SYNERGY and what has RESULTS?

It is a brain stimulation device based on sound scientific principles. He acts through light and visual stimuli and is equipped with a microcontroller, memory and their own programs. The 51 programs covering its entire range of effects and benefits of this type of brain stimulation.

Of all information we receive brain, approximately 95% are perceived visually. Of the remaining 5 percent more than make up two-thirds auditory stimuli. Thus, achieving a visual-auditory stimulation can capture almost the entire attention of the brain. Who has dealt systematically for the first time in years "50 brain stimulation through light and sound signals as Dr. Francis Lefebure. His numerous experimental studies conducted on lots of volunteer students and more than 200 patients, demonstrated as a result of simple visual stimulation of its kind (light and sound alternating left / right) appear profoundly beneficial effects that persist for several days.
In one session with Mind Synergy effects most common in trials and which users have told us they are:

a spontaneous and deep relaxation
mental vacuum, complete silence of mental activity
euphoria, overwhelming joy without object
modifying the temporal and spatial perception during sleep (intertwining multiple universes)
disappearance during the meeting of certain disorders
the emergence of new ideas, outstanding, a very inspired solutions
deep sleep, regenerator.

After several users have reported the occurrence session following results:

amplification of concentration and memory
stimulating creativity
increasing the volume of information stored
excellent performance in accelerated learning
entry fast and with very good results in meditation.
stimulating latent mental capacities such as telepathy, precognition and clairvoyance.
the occurrence of phenomena such as astral projection and conscious dreams.

Z13 the most powerful computer in the world!

Z13 the most powerful computer in the world!

IBM Z13, according to the US company, is the most powerful computer in the world, the most powerful mainframe server. A technological monster with this appellation has a price to match - cost $ 1 billion. What is fabulous in this device is the size. If until now, such a digital monster occupies a studio space, IBM engineers have managed to reduce the size that looks a refrigerator with double doors.

According, mainframe servers are used in certain industries where it takes a lot of computing power and secure transactions such as banking, funds hadging, telecom, airlines, scholarships or institutions such as defense ministries. IBM Z13 can support almost 3 billion transactions per day, it is more efficient than previous products. In addition to performance, people at IBM say they have introduced applications that analyze all suspicious activities to detect possible illegal activity before they occur. They will say that could detect hacker attempts to access, and in addition the system is able to block illicit activities RAT type or Hydra, blocking their codes before there is damage.

Mainframe servers are necessary and increasingly more vital now because everything most users in countries such as USA, UK, Japan or the United Arab Emirates, are now beginning to realize more and more transactions on smartphones and tablets, and mainframe respond better to requests from mobile terminals, according to WSJ magazine. IBM Z13 system configuration allows the use of up to 141 processors with up to 8 cores, and each core can support processes comparable to 50 conventional servers, American experts say. There is a light variant of the Z13 model that cost $ 200,000. It is recommended as a way for companies using cloud storage services.

After a while, it seems that China has the most powerful supercomputer in the world, displacing the United States for the third consecutive year.

Tianhe-2, owned by the Chinese government and is used by the National University of Defence Technology retains the title of fastest supercomputer in the world for the third consecutive year. China's ambitions in this area are mirrored by 20% and increasing the number of systems that appear in the top 500 most powerful supercomputers in the world. Meanwhile, the top US presence diminished by 15% .With speed estimated at 33.86 petaflop / s (33.86 billion billion floating point operations per second horse), Tianhe-2 comes just five years after the first system calculation that exceeded the threshold of 1 petaflop / s, created by IBM Roadrunner famous.

Guangzhou City operated by a team of 1300 engineers, Tianhe-2 is composed of 16,000 interconnected processing nodes, each containing two Intel Xeon processors Ivy Bridge range, Xeon Phi coprocessors and two 88GB RAM. In total, Tianhe-2 has 3.12 million cores and 1 375 Terabytes of RAM. Comparable to a small city, energy consumption can reach 17.6MW / hr at maximum load, respectively 24MW / hr after the inclusion of air-conditioning systems used to control the temperature.

Everything about the 2016 Detroit Auto Show

Everything about the 2016 Detroit Auto Show
This year's International car Show in Motor City and opened its doors on January eleven, the primary 2 days simply to the media. best car makers exhibited there the most recent cars and ideas that series They strove to draw the eye of all.
Audi A4 Allroad Derivative Allroad new Audi A4 includes a ground clearance high by thirty four metric linear unit than the quality version and a four-wheeled drive quattro, rim size seventeen or nineteen in. engine capable of delivering a hundred and fifty to 272 HP . The automotive can reach European markets beginning this summer and can be supplied with AN update of the Audi Drive choose technology.
BMW M2 The smallest representative of the vary M - BMW money supply - was publicallydiscovered at the car Show in Motor City to vie directly with cars just like the Audi RS3 and Mercedes-AMG A45 because of mechanical device 3-liter, six-cylinder engine that develops 370 HP . Active M Differential optimizes traction with electronic management and directional stability of the sturdy coupé.
BMW X4 M40iBavarian automaker has dropped at Motor City a version of the M family X4 compact SUV. it's M40i X4 model, is understood|understood" id="errorNo_21">that is understood to profit from a 3-liter, six-cylinder and TwinScroll technology, ready to provide 360 HP and 465 Nm of torsion. due to this instrumentation, the vehicle manages to accelerate from 0-100 metric linear unit / h in precisely four.9 seconds.
Ford Fusion US automaker Ford undraped at the event command in Motor City facelift applied Fusion model, the equivalent of the favored Mondeo overseas. On this occasion it absolutely was proclaimed and a spinoff Fusion EcoBoost V6 engine equipped with a two.7-liter bi-turbo capable of developing 325 HP and 474 Nm of torsion, is connected that is connected to a four-wheeled drive. Detroit car Show was the place wherever the Ford F-150 pickup introduced the bird of prey SuperCrew, equipped with a three.5-lite.
EcoBoost V6 generating 411 power unit condition, however a brand new look GT supercar. Genesis G90 The new premium whole of the South Korean company Hyundai introduced at genus Naias 2016 the primary of the six models can launch saying that by the top of the last decade. Genesis luxury sedan G90 is out there with 3 gasolene engines - V6 three.3-liter, V6 3.8-liter and 5-liter V8 - that aims to focus on the phase dominated by Mercedes-Benz S-Class.
Lexus LC500 Detroit car Show is that the event within which the japanese whole Lexus has chosen to gift the assembly version of the LF-LC idea acclaimed. The LC five hundred is provided with a V8 5-liter, naturally aspirated 467 HP and develops a most torsion of 527 Nm, that reach to the rear shaft via AN automatic 10 reports. It accelerates from zero to one hundred metric linear unit / h in four.6 seconds, as a result of Lexus has used many light-weight materials like carbon fiber.
Mercedes-Benz E-Class The official launch of the fifth generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class was command at the car Show in Motor City. It guarantees to be the foremost advanced in terms of technology automotive ever made by the German company and comes from a range of powerful and economical engines. Variant entry-level E two hundred are equipped with a 2-liter, four-cylinder engine capable to develop 184 HP and a torsion of three hundred Nm, whereas the spinoff E 220 d are below the hood a diesel 2-liter, four-cylinder, 195 HP and four hundred Nm of torsion.
Mercedes-Benz SLC Mercedes-Benz Roadster SLK received a facelift, and a brand new name - SLC - to suit higher within the new structure of the mark. The vehicle options a brand new bumper at the front, the grating and revised headlights that have enclosed restyled light-emitting diode lights for daytime movement. Mercedes-AMG flagship is SLC43and luxuriate in a V6 twin-turbo 3-liter that generates 362 HP and 520 Nm of torsion, enough to permitacceleration from zero to one hundred metric linear unit / h in four.7 seconds.
S65 cab Mercedes-AMG The most high-ticket automotive in school S guarantees to be the new S65 AMG cab, driven by a V12 bi-turbo 6-liter, 621 HP and capable of providing one,000 Nm of torsion. As a result, he manages to accelerate from 0-100 metric linear unit / h in just four.1 seconds. The model will be ordered from four Gregorian calendar month and is anticipated to possess a beginning worth of over 260,000 euros. Porsche 911 Turbo and 911 Turbo S German automaker Porsche exhibited at Detroit-date versions of the 911 Turbo and 911 Turbo S. the foremost vital changes have occurred below the hood, wherever the parts brought more improved by twenty HP, like derivatives Turbo S currently develops 580 CP. The automotive solely desires two.9 seconds to accelerate from zero to one hundred metric linear unit / h and a high speed of 330 metric linear unit / h.

Volvo S90 The new Volvo S90 premium phase model has created its world debut at the Motor City car Show. The temporal arrangement of the market, the automotive are offered with 3 gasolene engines and a hybrid plug-in T8 Twin Engine. Berlin has season several style parts of the new generation of the SUV XC90, each inside and out. Research vehicle supported Toyota Mirai On the occasion of this year at the Motor City Motor Show, the japanese company Toyota undraped a machine supported innovative analysis model Mirai. The idea was equipped with a satellite dish payment, provided Kymeta, coated with black animal skin seats, recreation system for rear passengers and a range of screens.
Volkswagen Tiguan idea Active GTE Through Active GTE idea Tiguan, Volkswagen whole aims to gift its next generation picture systems, which is able to enable management functions through gestures of the hand and can embody slightly screen diagonal of eight.2 inches rather than ancient buttons .

Place around the globe where people can survive the Apocalypse.

Place around the globe where people can survive the Apocalypse.

Have you wondered where you can shelter in case the coming the end of the world? In the next article we will do a top of safest places on Earth where you can shelter in case the coming Apocalypse. Despite the fact that all regions are different, have one thing in common: humanity can provide shelter in case the coming the end of the world.

Iceland is the most isolated country in Europe located hundreds of kilometers from the nearest island. This deters potential invaders. It is very rich in rousources necessary to maintain human life. His entire energy is driven by geothermal energy coming from many active volcanoes on its own territory. Also, all waters around represent the richest source of seafood in the world. If you need to survuve on the island, food, heat and all you need you can find there.

2. Tristan da Cunha.
In South Atlantic is found Tristan da Cunha, an archipelago farthest inhabited, at over 2 000 kilometers far from land. The population of the island is nearing 300 inhabitans.

3. Guam
Guam is located in the Pacific Ocean. Guam hosts a good part of the US military, the army only good to protect residents in case of Russo – Turkish arrive at a delicate level that can unleash World War III. This small teritory has a very rich economy, revenues come from tourism and from the US government.
4. Chiang Mai.
Considering that the South – East Asia has been for decades the center of challenges, such as wars, drugs, massacres, etc., Chiang Mai remained a symbol of peace, a peaceful area near Thailand. This important show that the city can overcome any encroaching humanity as peace. In this small village offers manu possibilities of farming, suggesting a good home in case of disaster.

5. Denver.
Denver is close to important petroleum reserves, is crucial to humanity, namely fuel. In case of war, this city is best protected city in America, being a mile above sea levels and is surrounded by mountains. The altitude of this city makes it the best place to live in the event of global warming. Also, altitude this could be an advantage beyond what concercns surrounding lands, making them fertile.

6. Antarctica.
Antarctica is one of the most hostile places on Earth, forming a territory you are looking for shelter in the event Apocalypse. If someone manages to get there and manages to bring enough supplies to survive extremely cold winted, summer an back to normal. Summer can stand expeditions to hunt and thus can survive. After the war there can not be any in the southernmost region of the Earth. One of the biggest drawbacks occur with global warming. Ice can melt and thus cause rising sea levels, which is very dangerous for humans.

7. Puncak Jaya.
Puncak Jaya is a mountainous region in Indonesia. This region is not the most hospitable place where you can sped your life, but ranking seeks to survive regardless of conditions. Apparently, the largest mine in the world is just in Puncak Jaya. Local residents could work in full and become merchants. Besides largest gold mine in the world, the region host the thirs largest copper mine in the world.

Audi A8

Audi A8
Audi is one of the most luxurious and performance car manufacturers. Bavarians are proud ranges occupying important places in the house tops, ranges such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Audi is a subdivision of Volkswagen. Audi has a colorful history compared to its rivals. Audi was a rather dangerous opponent in the category Sport. In 1993 Audi presented two sports cars: Audi Avus quattro Spyder and Audi.

Audi was first launched in July 1910 manufactured in factories in Zwickau. Perhaps many have wondered where the inspiration badge manufacturers, four overlapping circles. They represent four brands of Auto Union members. The first circle represents the Audi, the second circle represents the DKW, third circle represents the Horch, and the fourth circle represents the Wanderer. The logo symbolizes their fusion.

If we think better, period 1910 - 2015 represents a period full of evolution, a period in which Audi has evolved a lot and saw this. If we make a more detailed comparison should be between the first 1910 Audi A8 L and the new generation Audi in 2015. You can see the developments that have occurred over the years.
The new Audi A8 L Sport was launched in the US. The new model comes with a more advanced than the previous version, with a 4.2 engine that develops up to 450 hp. All A8 models feature 8-speed automatic transmission, the first sedan that generalizes this box.

The 2015 has a new look, is the fourth generation body weighing just 230 kg. And the back has a new look with LED taillights. Bi - xenon headlights are standard on the entire range. The new special features include variable direction the sport package, new systems of assistance and an 8-inch color display. Audi A8 L comes Inside the Executive and Luxury packages, bringing adjustment to seats on 22 directions. It shows a quality leather seats, Valcona, a panoramic roof covered in Alcantara and accessories.
New generation A8 L is up to the standards VR9, the highest level of protection they can give a car a man. Resist bullets and explosions. If only this year that were removed resistant models bullets and explosions, I wonder where he got Jason Statham in Transporter car.
Many drivers opt for Audi A8 because it is more responsive than other models, offering more grip all-wheel drive. You can go alone up to 65 km / h and if alone.
To achieve this high level of protection, Audi has worked in many they say, a car company secrets strengthened in areas where they have problems with special aluminum alloy, high strength steel and aramid fiber. This car seems to be a bunker in case of war. In the trunk of an armored box that offers communication with the outside, a fire extinguishing system and even a package that offers fresh air in case of gas attacks.

Model armored Audi A8 dipsunde two engine versions: 4.0 TFSI V8 FSI 435 hp and 500 hp W12. For security reasons and because the properties of the tires, the car will be limited to 210 km / h. Fuel consumption varies between 10l and 14l / 100km. These versions will be available from spring 2016.
Rumor has it that at Audi not yet determined the launch of the new Audi A8. Rivals Mercedes S - Class is successful, and BMW is preparing and he be successful with the new 7 Series model Audi will not stay away so it would delay the launch in 2016 and will leave the next generation A8 to be expected . Release is banal reason of the delay, saying they still have to work on electronic gear system architecture. The real reason is competition in the market.
Although I think Audi would not stand out as model not sold compared with other models. Eventually, Audi A8 L shows the highest degree of protection they can give a car a man. And no prices are not excessive, are accordingly. Depending on the engine, Audi A8 price ranges between $ 70,000 and $ 140,000.


how to track a phone

Technology still has not managed to get into the head of a teenager, a dream that has any father who prepares, but at least already allows adults track and block to distance their children phone to put some order in your feral digital life, and "give back control to who pays the Bill and the terminal" exposes Cristian Villamarín, Creator from the Flipd, an app phone locks.

South Korea has control of the phones and teens become law and has determined that children under age 19 who purchase a mobile are obliged to install an app that monitor your activity on the Internet. A failure or a "forgotten" in the installation of such a system of surveillance is that the newly purchased device does not work. In addition to the dozen surveillance apps available on the market, the Korean Government has hers called in a very graphic way, Smart Sheriff. At the entrance of the phone retailer of everything the country have been placed since June posters that warn: "younger smart phone users should install applications that block harmful content for them".

A sign in the phone retailer of South Korea warns of the obligation to install an 'app' on phones for teens. / AP
In Western countries, Governments have not intervened in the war of the fathers with their adolescent children by the use of mobile. But in at least two cases have been parents, and more specifically the mothers, who have given the punch at the table. They were desperate, but not so much as to throw in the towel. Sharon Standifird is one of them. He created the app Ignore no more after checking that your teen not replied to your messages and your calls simply because he didn't. Before had gone through the ordeal of imagine that he had had an accident or that they had stolen the phone, but when he discovered that his son would rather use your mobile to play, talk with friends, surf the Internet or anything else except communicate with it, decided to take action in the matter.

This mother is a veteran of the Gulf war and has climbed Kilimanjaro. In general, think that few things are can resist him in this world, so we literally searched Google how to design an app for lock, and with no prior experience created an application that allows parents to control absolutely the phone for their children from a distance. "If the boy repeatedly ignores the messages and calls of their parents, simply is locked the phone with a code, and you can only make emergency calls, nothing more. The only way to unlock it will be call back to their parents,"says Sharon. Proof that the app works is that Sharon assures that his son now always answer your calls, or at least makes it more frequently than before.

When you enter on our website, you will find a section called GPS No Tracker and after you click on it, you will be redirected on our download page. There you will find out the Download button. Click on them and wait for your Download. After that, you can install gps no tracker. The app is compatible with any type of devices, so this will download and install according to your device system and operating system. If your device have GPS receiver, you can use GPS Mobile Tracker without issues. GPS No Tracker do not take up so much hoarding space. If you use it on smartphone you must to know, this application do not consume much battery.

In an unexpected turn of events adults have finished using apps from control of their children to block between them which, all told, too, have lost control of their digital lives. The Flipd app, created in the beginning so that adults blocked the phone for their children while driving, is a good example of this mutation. It started to become popular among students of Medicine of Toronto to lock your phone to study, at least one hour followed. He has Cristian Villamarín, one of the founders from the Flipd, which made a market research and 70% of the students confessed that he could not spend more than two hours without checking his phone. This at exam time could be a problem. If in the beginning the maximum blocking time that provided Flipd was eight hours at the request of users, you had to climb to 12. "It surprised me that adults will need long withdrawal of mobile".

European Parliament

European Parliament

If your answer is D, mentioned law intellectual property (LPI) would require that the aggregator pay us a fee to retransmit the article. Spain lived this situation since last January 1 enter vigor the mentioned law. And although the European Popular Party proposed an amendment similar to community level, it was rejected yesterday in the European Parliament in the framework of the reform on copyright.

Spain, at the moment, walking alone in its effort to make this kind of billing to adapt copyright to the digital world. Article 32.2 of the LPI defined rates as an "inalienable right", even if the medium does not want. The Secretary general of the Association of small publications criticizes this inviolability: "If we want to appear on the aggregators but do not pay us, should leave us". But do not let them.

Although it be not alarmed, the aggregator that has shown him our news we still don't have to pay, because although the text establishes a regulation of rates, these are not yet ready. Indeed, despite the entry into force of the law, almost all Spanish aggregators continue its activity on a regular basis.

But not all. On December 16, 2014, LPI his first victim with the closure of the version in Spain of the agregador of notícias claimed Google News. The company defended the closure as the only possible solution to the imposition of pay for a service that generates no profits. "There was no advertising of any kind on Google News," explains the Director of communication of Google Spain, Anais Figueras.

Law that forced Google to this decision has been valued as one of the eight worst policies for the promotion of innovation in 2014 in the world by the Foundation for the information technology and innovation. "While the law is not changed, Google News still without trading in Spain," says Figueras.

For the big fish

If other aggregators continue working pending that the rates are announced officially, why Google News closed so soon? The founder of Digg, Ricardo Galli, whose feed is reluctant to take the bolt, explains: "the closing of Google News US has been well because the interest was lost and the publishers did not want to continue with the fight".

Galli describes the LPI of "law sniper" who only wanted to get Google to pay publishers. In fact, rates are popularly known by the nickname of rate Google. The same opinion lawyer ABANLEX specializes in intellectual property, Pablo Uslé, who believes has "the Canyon is going to disappear because the affected main was Google News and has gone from Spain".

This lawyer believes that the publishers will be who ask the Ministry of culture to remove the barrel. USLE cites as a reason the recent agreement that have reached the European publishers with Google known as Digital News Initiative (DNI), which consists of a proposal for financing of the search engine to promote innovation in the media. "Editors asked that the rate should be deleted because already it will not interest them," he indicated.

Although they celebrate the adoption of this agreement, editors are still wanting to know what happens to these fares which, for the time being, continue to be included in a law in force. On the one hand, the Association of publishers of newspapers Spaniards (AEDE), who pushed the measure for revenue from content aggregators, bound wants rates to be adopted to find out what should charge. Indeed, the influence of this association so that it passed the rate made to he also baptized as Canon AEDE.

For its part, the Spanish Association of periodical publications (AOS), which groups small and regular media digital, is concerned if the final amount of the rates is the closure of aggregators who still operate in Spain. The Secretary general of AOS, Carlos Fernández Astiz, explains: "the aggregators give us visibility and that is very important for small media". According to this Association estimates, the closure of Google News has made visits to their media to fall between 30% and 35%, while large headers have just suffered a loss of between 3% and 7% of visits.

Both allude to the Ministry of culture told them that the rates would be ready before the summer, whose official start date took place on June 21. Sources from the Ministry of culture State "is expected to approve the regulations in the coming months". For the founder of Digg me this delay in the approval of the rates shows that the law was only against Google News, and that "the only thing that has changed is that nobody wants to talk about them anymore".

Option B

If Google News has closed, would have you been able to getting to this article using the B option? Probably have realized that by introducing certain terms in the search box, between s


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